Homes and Lurking Places of the Beta Goddesses

"Merzibelle's Fan Fiction"
"Kath's Fan Fiction"
(This first section is dedicated to my fabulous betas, Kath, Magpie and Merzibelle, who are great authors. Stop by and give their stories a read!)
(Sorry, Kath's fic is not all archived in the same place...yet. Here is some of her fic archived at Yes Wes!)
London Calling
London Calling

Wesley Sites
"Yes Wes!"
"Gunn Wesley Archive"
"Deconstructing Wesley"
"Unbroken: The Wes/Faith Shipper Site"
"Double Indemnity: A Wesley/Lilah Shipper Site"
"Wesleyan Aria"

Favorite Fic Sites
"Eterniata*Eros{Unbound}:Multi-shipper site"
"Domestic Piranhas"
(I'm not going to try and explain it. Wes gets nekkid alot, stuff happens.)
"The Brat Queen's Epiphany Series"
"I'm Just Sayin: Jennifer-Okasana's Fiction"
"Imperfect:Fan Fiction of Misty Flores"
(must check out 'How to Date a Beautiful Woman' & 'Rebel,Rebel')
"Bibliteque Diabolique"
"Slashing the Angel: I AM NOT A EUNUCH"

Angel & Buffy Writing Resources
"Studies in Words: Buffy and Angel Shooting Scripts"
"No Place Like Home: A Guided Tour to the Homes of Wesley and Lilah"

London Calling
London Calling
Sonja Marie's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Links URL
Sonja Marie's Links
I'm Just Sayin'
I'm Just Sayin'
Gunn/Wesley Archive
The Gunn/Wesley Archive