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Lughnassa 2003
Added the *8* stories finished since Beltaine

"I Hate Hospitals" won first place for Best Short and second place for best Wesley Characterization at The Fire and Brimstone Awards
Beltaine 2003
Long time no update, but,look Mom, we've got pretties!

"I Hate Hospitals" won first place for best Wes/Lilah at The Beleive Awards

"Price of the Key" has been nominated for the Angel round at the The Candy Store Awards

November 20, 2002
The site's been updated in the last few months to include the latest chapters of Desperate Passages and my newest stand alone, "I Hate Hospitals"

August 28, 2002:
Added "Secret Dreams" ~ Desperate Passages Ch 4

August 16, 2002:
Uploaded the latest and last of the fic.

August 1, 2002:
-Site Creation -or- "Just Human tries to lean HTML"