"Trust, Layer by Layer"
by Just Human

~Layer Three~

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"Trust, Layer by Layer"

~Layer Three~

Wesley understood that Gunn was feeling uncertain, so he remained fairly still allowing his best friend to explore new territory. The kiss was tentative at first, but then Wesley was welcoming the invasion of his mouth by the gentle probing tongue. Two strong hands cradled his head as fingers threaded their way into his hair. He couldn't hold still any longer. Reaching out with his right hand, he rubbed the back of Gunn's neck while the other hand stroked the cotton-covered ribs.

Gunn was beginning to understand what Wesley had said about how kissin' guys and kissin' girls was a different thing. With women, there was always something sweet, vanilla or cinnamon or flowers, hanging around in the background. Wesley smelled clean, like the soap he had just finished using. And that lower lip, yeah, that was Canadian bacon and pineapple just like the pizza. Not sounding romantic at all, but that was what was so attractive. Kissing Wesley was *not* fragile, *not* careful, *not* tentative and *not* the least bit intimidating.

Unthreading his fingers from the wavy brown hair, Gunn reached down and laid a hand on Wesley's chest. Different. Not soft and round, but hard and muscular. Wesley breath hitched as fingers roughly caressed his chest through the shirt and danced across a nipple.

Wesley decided that Gunn's exploration was a sign to be a little bolder. Breaking away from the demanding kiss, he tasted and licked his way to a vulnerable ear lobe. Taking it between his teeth, he nibbled and sucked, occasionally stopping to dart his tongue out and trace the swirls of the delicate shell. His warm breath eliciting a needy groan.



"I like this."

"Well, that's good, me too."


And oh my, Wesley didn't waste any time. There was a hand massaging it's way up his left thigh, but the thumb was doing all the tantalizing work as it lightly stroked it's way up the more delicate inner thigh. He held his breath as the thumb followed the path of the zipper on his jeans with only enough pressure to let you know it was there.

Wesley looked into Gunn's eyes trying to judge the impression he was making, trying to see how much permission he had. Gunn let out a breath, gave a barely perceptible nod that became Wesley's cue to slide both hands under the yellow t-shirt. Suddenly touching those hard abs was not enough. Normally Wesley could be very patient lover. He enjoyed foreplay to the point of driving most partners insane with his slowness. But Wesley had restrained himself on more than enough occasions bandaging the chocolate skin beneath his fingers. More than one lonely night had been spent stroking himself to blinding pleasure wishing that this skin was pressed up against his.

Gunn hadn't planned on taking off his shirt, but he wasn't objecting to the fact that Wes had done it for him. In fact, he was objecting very little to anything Wesley was doing at the moment. They had been kissing forever, nothing wrong with that. He kinda missed sharp little nails on his skin, the way Fred would scratch his neck. Wes' hands were twice the size of the ones he was used to, and stronger. They knew how to knead deep into the muscles in all the right ways. Different. Fred's hands were more subtle but too tentative. There was nothing subtle about what Wesley's hands were doing and it was all making him feel good. He missed those hands for the fifteen seconds it took to remove Wesley's shirt.

Oh, God, thought Wesley, Gunn's undressing me. It was only his shirt, but it was very encouraging and so were the hands exploring his chest. Burying his face in strong neck in front of him, Wesley used his tongue to burn a path to a distended nipple. It became rock hard as he sucked it between his teeth. He vibrated from the moan ripping through Gunn's chest. He couldn't help himself as a hand dived to the jeans clad bulge, and he sought to pleasure his friend through the stiff cloth.

Between Wesley's mouth on his chest and that hand on his cock, Gunn was becoming rock hard. A wave of panic washed through him. He stopped breathing and moving for a minute. That was all it took. It let him focus on the way his body was trembling every place that Wesley was touching. God, he wanted to do the same thing to the man in front of him.

"Wes, I want to drive you crazy, like your doing to me."

"Oh, allow me to say your doing fine." Looking into Gunn's eyes, Wesley pause a moment to appreciate the heavy lidded passion brewing there. "If you like, I could give you some suggestions for what might drive me even crazier."

Leaning in close, Gunn gently nibbled on Wesley's lower lip. He paused and rested his forehead against Wesley's. "I've had a few thoughts on the matter, but..."

It took a second for Wesley to understand Gunn's dilemma. Looking up so he could see Gunn's face, "You like this..." Gunn bucked forward as Wesley squeezed him through the denim.

"It's good."

"But not sure about returning the favor?"

Guilt, embarrassment, worry, all crossed Gunn's face. He tried to answer and failed at actually creating speech.

"You don't have to do anything. I'd be more than happy to take care of things. Or, instead of that, we could just keep kissing and take care of ourselves." Wesley watched Gunn's face until he was sure that the mental picture was there.

"Uhm, working on our own doesn't sound like it's as much fun and the other option doesn't sound real fair."

Reaching up, Wesley pulled one of Gunn's hands into his, "Then sometimes, you have to try something new." Gunn didn't resist as Wesley guided their hands to the front of his sweats that were doing nothing to hide Wesley's arousal. Gunn cooperated as his fingers were wrapped around his friend's cotton covered erection. Wesley's long sure fingers wrapped around his friends guiding it up and down.

This was a huge risk and Wesley knew it. He never stopped watching Gunn's eyes through the process. At first there was nervousness, but slowly it was replaced by curiosity. The next thing Wesley knew, he almost lost it when a thumb teased the head through the cloth. Grabbing a shoulder to steady himself, Wesley fought for control and finally caved in and stopped Gunn's hand.

Gunn was a little surprised, "You don't want..."

Taking a deep breath, Wesley laughed at himself a little. "Oh, I want. In my humble and over stimulated opinion, you could keep doing that well into tomorrow. I just, I just want this to go on for a while longer." They could see the unspoken concern in the other's eyes. This needed to last because it might be the one and only time it happened. This was one of those moments that required an exchange of tender endearments and gentle caresses.

A beefy hand grabbed Wesley by the neck and pulled him into a rough and deep kiss, "Man, this does not suck."

"I could learn not to hate this," Wesley replied. Gunn nodded his understanding, as Wesley continued, "You know though, you may want to consider rephrasing. In point of fact, I do suck and very well I might add. If you are going to insist on believing otherwise, then I feel that I'm going to have to prove you wrong."

"Talk is cheap, bro. Think you can take me?"

Taking Gunn's advice, he didn't answer with words. Wesley leaned in for an impassioned kiss as he pushed the other man flat on his back. Gunn didn't seem to resist the hand opening his jeans. He may have even lifted his hips so as to assist in the removal of his own pants and the merciful freeing of his cock.

Without warning, Wesley's tongue began stroking Gunn from balls to tip. Gunn thought that was good, really good until Wesley's hand had him by the base and then it became great. That gorgeous fucking mouth was swallowing him whole. Sweet merciful God! The head bobbing up and down on him had a beautiful fast rhythm that was dragging all sorts of groans out of Gunn's body.

Wesley considered that this was something he enjoyed as opposed to something he just did because it was expected. He liked the feel, the taste, the power and the control. While his tongue luxuriated in the velvet texture, he tasted the first few drops of salt. Glancing up, Wes could see the sweat glittering against the black skin, hear the ragged breaths coming faster and faster. Gunn's hips began to buck harder, but Wesley put a tighter hold on them to kept his partner steady. Adjusting his position so that he'd have a better view of Gunn's face, Wesley opened the back of his throat and took the other man in as far as he could.

Gunn wasn't thinking at all when the humming started that sent tremors and vibrations through his whole body leaving him hanging on the edge.
Nothing coherent was occurring in Gunn's brain. Phrases like 'good' and 'more' bounced around of their own accord translating the pleasure coursing through his skin. There was no worry or recriminations about how or by whom these feelings were being generated. It was good, all good. Hands, seeking any purchase, grabbed at the cushions. And then it was too much - dynamic tension snapped and unfurled, wave after wave of energy unleashed, so bright that for an endless moment he could not see.

Wesley saw it all, and to him, it was beautiful. Hands massaged the places they had held, while he kissed the salt away and released Gunn into that wave of peace and bliss that follows the storm. Sliding forward, Wesley rested his head a moment against the bare chest to hear the pounding rhythm beneath. Taking care of Gunn had allowed a few moments to steady himself so that he wouldn't go over the edge at the first touch. Wesley settled more comfortably on Gunn's stomach and pressed his cock into naked thigh. A large hand rubbed Wes' back possessively as fingers stroked his face.



"You're- I mean... What you...that was fucking amazing." Gunn could feel the smile spread across the skin of his chest. "Sorry about not warning you that I was..."

"Oh, don't worry. I wouldn't have done anything different."

Gunn felt the heat rise to his face. The intimacy of the moment was becoming a little more than he was ready for. "Uhm, that uhm, bulge in my thigh, belongs to you, huh?" Gunn felt Wesley's smile become a little bigger.

"What? You mean this?" He moved his hips rubbing the length of Gunn's thigh through the sweat pants.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." Taking a deep breath or two as his fingers absently smoothed the brown waves in Wesley's hair, Gunn asked, "I, ah... should be doing something about that, huh?

The hesitancy in Gunn's voice was clear. Wesley was determined, no matter how uncomfortable he was, not to push. "I wouldn't object if you wanted to do something. If you- well, if you don't want to, I can go and take care of it."

"The couch is kinda crowded, maybe we can go where there's some more space?"

Wesley was fairly sure that there must be a completely stupid grin on his face that was making him look like a complete idiot. Thank God his head was buried in Gunn's chest. "Of course, we can go to the bed-"

A very large black hand laid itself across Wesley's mouth muffling his response. Rather helplessly, Gunn looked around the room, hoping the words would be written on the walls. Finally he just caved in and said his peace, " Wes, that confused part of me is still in a state of denial, a little. So, if we could not say certain things, like the name of the place where we both know there's more room, then I think I can avoid the panicking."

All that took a few moments for Wesley to process. Gently taking Gunn's hand, he stood up and pulled the man to the place with more room, which was also the place where the comfortable and roomy bed was stored. The limited amount of blood circulating to Wesley's brain suddenly reminded him of the last activities that had been conducted on the rumpled sheets they were now facing. Sending up a fervent prayer, he hoped that Gunn had forgotten his objection to -"

"Evil lawyer cooties. I'm right about that, huh?"

Wesley tried valiantly and failed to withhold his whimper. He had been hard for what seemed like hours - wait, it had been hours. After Lilah had left, things had calmed down but immediately came back once the kissing had started. For the last twenty minutes, he had been on the edge of exploding and had now reached the point where he was ready to beg. It took only few seconds for this all to register, but instead of saying any of it, Wesley responded, "You strip the...the....the thing that isn't a couch but has more room than a couch and I'll find some clean...cloth things."

Gunn smiled, "You really do give a crap about my feelings, don't cha?"

Wesley smiled somewhat weakly back, "Yes, and if you care anything for mine, you'll hurry," Gunn didn't comprehend at first, but then caught sight of the bulge in Wesley's pant and that made everything suddenly clear. The bed was stripped in nothing flat. Wesley was turned away rooting through a dresser drawer.

"Damn-it, I need to do laundry. Not a full set, just a flat sheet." Gunn was perched on the edge of he mattress making use of his time to fully appreciate Wesley's naked back. The sweat pants were way too loose and did nothing to enhance Wes's backside - which Gunn was not necessarily interested in seeing except as an exercise in appreciating the beauty of how the human body was constructed. Shit, he wanted to look at Wesley's ass. "Wes? It's awful hot in here, aren't you over dressed?"

Wesley glanced over his shoulder about to explain the sheet situation, when he was struck speechless by the idea that Gunn wanted him naked. Untying the knot in the drawstring, he slid the pants over his erection and let them drop to the floor. Looking over his shoulder, he watched Gunn checking out his ass, watched Gunn get up, watched Gunn walk toward him and slide his hands across the smooth cheeks and around to Wesley's stomach. Leaning back, their bodies were pressed together, back to chest.

Gunn looked a little expectantly at Wesley and licked his lips. Wes accepted the invitation and started kissing despite the awkward angle. Someone was looking for something in one of the dresser drawers, but Gunn didn't care much about that, because he was busy - busy, kissing Wesley. One of Gunn's hands was lifted off of Wesley's skin and something cool and wet filled the palm. Then his hand was guided somewhere lower, somewhere hot and hard. Wesley began to breath harder as Gunn's hand began to move.

For Gunn, it was a moment of truth. He had to face up to the idea that he was holding, stroking another man's naked cock. Even though he had been doing this earlier, the sweatpants allowed him to feel somewhat distanced from what he had been doing to Wesley. This time he watched Wesley's face, reacting to every movement of his fingers. Gunn tried scratching the spot under the head that he liked touched. Oh, Wesley liked that too. It suddenly occurred to him that with all those things that he had noticed were different, there were some things that were the same. Gunn was into it, showing Wesley all the little things he loved and learning a little about Wesley's favorite things.

Exposing his neck to questing lips, Wesley threw his head back on Gunn's shoulder. Fingers glided across his length taunting the dripping head. Taking a tighter hold, the hand began to pump faster and faster. Wesley found the strength leaving his legs as the arm now wrapped around his chest steadied his body. Warm lips took hold of an earlobe causing Wesley's hips to buck out of control as his knees finally gave way.

Gunn held him tighter and held him up, marveling at the ecstasy flashing through Wesley's entire body. It was hot, arousing, and all for him. Placing a kiss in Wesley's sweaty hair, Gunn wrapped his arms tighter around the warm body in his care. They stood there a few minutes enjoying the quiet and the comfort of each other's arms.

After using the discarded bedding to clean up, the fresh sheet was tossed haphazardly onto the bed where the two men collapsed a few minutes later. Tangled in carelessly thrown blankets and each other's arms, Gunn heard Wesley's breathing change to the deep even rhythm of sleep. Barely able to keep his own eyes open, he thought, this is good; this is all good.

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