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Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series as well as their characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Kuzui Enterprises, Inc. 20th Century Fox and probably several other corporations who are not me. The stories in this archive are just for fun and believe me, absolutely no profit. No infringement is intended.

Stand Alone Stories

*NEW* ~ "Baa Baa Black Sheep" *R* Files & Records, A look at F&R and what happened to her after "Habeous Corpus."

*NEW* ~ "Weary of the Gray" *NC-17* Wesley/m, Wesley deals with old relationships while facing new challenges. Unspoiled speculation into s5

*NEW* ~ "Library Encounters" *NC-17* Wesley/Faith, A missing scened from "Graduatation"

*NEW* ~ "My Master's Feet" *NC-17* Spike/Andrew, Speculation into Angel s5 about their relationship

*NEW* ~ "Carpenter and the Wood" *NC-17* Xander/Mr. Pointy, Xander/Andrew *smile* this was written for a challenge and relatively speaking, good clean fun

*NEW* ~ "Broken Bliss" *PG-13* Cordelia & Wesley (non-ship), Character study of Cordelia from s1 Buffy to s1 Angel

*NEW* ~ "Saving Andrew" *PG-13* Anya, Missing moment from "Choosen."

*NEW* ~ "Not a Second Time" *PG-13* Dawn & Willow, Alternate ending for "The Killer in Me."

"I Hate Hospitals" *R* Wesley/Lilah, Wesley looks at life from the other side of "Apocalypse Nowish".

"Contract Review" *NC-17* Wesley/Lilah, Wesley and Lilah negotiate terms.

"Lightning" *NC-17* Wesley/Gunn, Someone's afraid of the storm

"44 Hours" *R* Cordelia,Wesley (friendship) Cordelia visits Wesley after "Sleep Tight" - Warning, this fic deals with themes of child abuse.

"Den Mother" *NC-17* Cordelia's POV on demon hunters, Wesley/Gunn

"Night Off" *R* Wesley/Gunn, When the best laid plans fall apart

"Backstage at the Ballet" PG-13 Wesley/Gunn/Fred, A second look at "Waiting in the Wings" with one change.

"Ties that Bind" *R* Wesley/Angel, Angel visits Wesley in the hospital after "Sleep Tight"

"The Price of the Key" complete

*NC-17* overall, Angel/Xander, Xander and Angel are on a quest to rescue Dawn ~ Spoilers through the end of 2002. (Some parts of story based vaguely on Spoilers for later in Angel, Season 4. Story written for Secret Slasha 2002

Prologue Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

"Trust, Layer by Layer" complete

*NC-17* overall, Wesley/Gunn, Wesley and Gunn look for their friendship again after "Tomorrow"

Layer One Layer Two Layer Three Layer Four

Desperate Passages Series *incomplete*

"Unclean" *NC-17* (Wesley/Lilah, Wesley/others implied)Wesley reviews events surrounding the loss of Connor

"Cinnamon" *R* (Wesley/Lilah, F/G)Wesley undertakes a dangerous mission, Fred & Gunn find information about Angel and Cordelia's disappearance.

"Rituals & Dreams" *PG-13* (Wesley/Lilah, F/G)Wesley learns about demons, Fred & Gunn learn about plans.

"Secret Windows" *PG-13* (Wesley/Lilah, F/G)The AI team goes back on the offensive in enemy territory.

"They Dance Alone" *R* (Wesley/Lilah, F/G)The dances that go on through one long night.

"Bittersweet Loyalty" *NC-17* (Wesley/Lilah, F/G)A day in Satan's own law firm & how is Cordelia?

"Hellbound Hearts & Inhuman Condition" *NC-17* (Wesley/Lilah, F/G)Wes and Lilah begin to feel more then lust - although, there's a good deal of that too. Fred and Gunn look for vampires with soul.