"The Price of the Key"
by Just Human

~Part 5~

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We were on the surface streets. Keeping up with Angel was just as rough as trying to keep up with Buffy when she was on the move. Finally, I caved,

"Angel, hold up." I leaned against the wall of a building, bending over with my hands on my knees. I was breathing too hard to hear whether or not he stopped, so it came as a shock when there was a large hand on my shoulder.

"Sorry, I forget." Angel's hand was stroking my back; he might as well have been stroking my cock. Finally catching my breath, I stood up, hoping Angel would back off.

"You know, I think I can manage this without the assistance. Thanks anyway."

Okay, my back was now against the wall and there was a vampire in my face. Apparently, I didn't adequately convey my issues with our relative positions.

"You smell like, Wesley." This was all done with a creepy quiet voice around my face and neck.

"Well, I guess if you have a sense of smell than a great Dane and are on top of me, I suppose you could-" I had to stop, because he was licking my mouth. Fuck if I didn't open up for it too. Suddenly, I felt like the neighborhood hydrant that all the dogs needed to mark. I shoved really hard against Angel's chest. He backed off, but left me with the distinct impression that it was only because he wanted too.

"So are you kissing me or Wesley?" My mouth has never been my friend. I realized it years ago and now blame friends for not beating me into silence. "What I mean is-"

"You. Wes just knows how to piss me off, touching what's mine."

"Stop!" I had both hands in front of me as if my pathetic efforts would somehow stop the really strong and potentially psychotic vampire. "'Mine' is such a possessive word - used on it's own. I'm sure you meant something like more like 'my' as in, 'My look, there is the friend of the love of my undead existence.'"

Okay, now his hand was on my cock, if you didn't count the protective layers of cotton and denim. Not that the situation wasn't looking dire enough, but we were still out on a public street with various unsavory and displaced individuals passing by. Not much protesting I could do, with Angel's mouth covering mine. After a few minutes, there wasn't any protesting that I wanted to do. Was it impending apocalypses that brought out the sex maniac in Angel?

While I had never gone to the effort to prove it, I had always suspected that guys would do, well, just about anything to get off. This constituted extreme on many levels, but I was starting not to care. Perhaps more scary was that I was already past liking it and was at wanting and needing it. Before I could protest the lack of body contact, he had pulled me into an alley and had pinned me against another wall. I guess this was what passed for privacy in the big city.

My hands were locked around the back of his neck, trying to hold him in place so that my mouth could explore his. I wanted to return the favor of what he was doing to me, rough caresses all over my mouth as he tongue-fucked me into desperate moans. When he started sucking on my tongue, there were other immediate thoughts of the better uses that mouth could be put to. My hips were rocking off the wall trying to grind against him, but the bastard was just far enough away to keep me wanting.

Fire ripped through me as something sharp burned my tongue in pain and pleasure. Oh my fucking god, he had bitten me! With half opened eyes, I could see him staring at me with golden eyes as I bucked wildly off the wall. God, every time he sucked more blood out of the wound, the tiny needles of pain fueled the fire in my cock. Some muffled voice from somewhere said, "Quit being such a god-damned tease and fuck me!"

Oh, that voice had come from me.

Yellow demon eyes were boring into me, his lips shiny with my blood. Dazed with need, I could only stand there and wait for him to act. It wasn't long before he was moving again. The button of my jeans ricocheted off somewhere, never to be seen again, while my zipper flew apart. I didn't think I could get any harder, but Angel was on his knees in front of me worshiping my cock and balls with his tongue. Long rough strokes were pulling out moans and whimpers that I just couldn't help.

The friction that I had been so desperate for was now so close, but the bastard kept teasing me with his tongue. No one could be as needy as I felt at that moment. With every wet swirl of his tongue around the head, he made me into a bigger basket case. Oh fuck! An iron hand wrapped painfully around the base of my cock! Damn-it, there was no way that I was coming with that vice-like grip. I was about to shove him away, when he started sucking me off. Not that Anya had needed lessons, but apparently, she was only a talented amateur, or maybe it was just the nasty inconvenience of needing to breathe that had slowed her down.

The pain and pleasure of the experience were short-circuiting my brain, and all I could do was beg. "You fucking bastard! This is too fucking good; let me come. I need to come." Angel was looking up at me and laughing with his eyes. Next thing I knew, I was trying to push my ass through the bare brick when he started slapping my balls. All I could manage was a mixture of incoherent babbling.

Angel slowed down a little, alternating massaging and squeezing my balls, varying the pain and pleasure. Losing all track of time, I had no idea how long he kept me on the edge. At some point, I could hear the clink of metal and the slide of leather as he opened his own pants. I could have really cared less since the only thing I could concentrate on was what his mouth had started doing to my dick when he gently scraped it with his teeth and fangs.

Cold! His mouth was gone. I looked down and there was this wicked smile on his face. His hand still had me in the deathgrip that was not letting me come.

Oh! There was this sudden fantasy image of me spurting all over him just like we were now, with him on his knees - huge turn on.

But I was getting the distinct idea that I had no control whatsoever in this situation, mostly, because I had no control whatsoever in this situation. He shifted, and I glanced down further. Impressive. Porn star impressive. Despite years of straight living topped, apparently, with huge amounts of denial, I wanted to touch him. Hell, I'd have been happy to suck him off. This was all, of course, contingent on me getting off first.

It shouldn't have been that arousing for me to watch him stroking himself, but damn me if it wasn't. The thumb that was massaging the underside of my dick was probably not helping this impression. I watched in rapt fascination as he used the glittering drops of pre-cum to lube himself up. Then he was raising one of those drops on a fingertip, close to my mouth. I backed off, but then it was too tempting. Bobbing my head forward, I took in his finger like it was practice for what I'd like to do to his dick. I sucked on his finger in the hopes he would take the hint and go back to working on me.

Instead, he spun me around to face the wall, barely letting go of my cock to readjust for the new position. He started grinding his enormous dick into the fleshy part of my ass. Some tiny part of me still didn't think that I should like this, but overall, loving every minute. Suddenly, the death grip was gone and he was working me with both hands, as I panted, looking for relief up against the cold bricks. It only took a couple of seconds, and then I was coming into his hand.

All I wanted to do was cuddle with the bricks for a minute, but one hand was holding my hip still and the other was setting off all kinds of alarms as it slid between my ass cheeks. "Angel!" There was panic in my voice - rightly so. Then his mouth, that talented mouth, was sucking on my neck. Vampire, neck, it should have all been a bad thing, but God help me it wasn't.

"Relax," Angel said. 'Relax for what?' I thought. Then his finger lubed with my own come was sliding into my ass. Before I could decide on an appropriate reaction, there was a second finger next to the first and they were angling around looking for --- Holy Shit!

I didn't have to wait long for a repeat. Damn-it! Shouldn't the health videos at school have told me about that spot? I didn't know if I was doing anything right, but my ass was sliding around, trying for more contact. Those fingers were working me, becoming three and doing some scissoring. I wanted more, but I had no fucking idea what 'more' might be until there was something hard and round and slick paused where those fingers had been.

"A..." I let out hesitantly, hoping that somehow the lack of language would still voice all my concerns.

He told me to relax again and started slowly pushing in. Like everything else he'd done to me that night, it was pain and pleasure all mixed together. I tried to relax, but that was not the easiest concept. He stopped periodically and licked my neck, letting me get used to the feel. One of Angel's hands wrapped around and started stroking my half-hard cock, as he pushed in the rest of the way.

The sensation of being filled was...oh God. I wanted to stand there a while and enjoy it, but Angel had other ideas. He was sliding in and out when the angle shifted, and he was pressing the magic button again. At the same time he was stroking my cock. I felt like I was going to fly apart with all the sensation, cock, ass and neck.

My fingers bleed because I clawed the wall so hard. If that wasn't bad enough, there were brick marks on my face.

"Mine!" He kept repeating in my ear as he literally fucked me into the wall. "Say it, Xander. I want to hear it."

Why the fuck did he think, I was capable of human speech? Some part of me wanted this to go on forever and if keeping my mouth shut made that happen, then I could be quiet.

Except for the deep breathing...and the moans..."Damn!" And the nips at my neck. I was shaking my head and not giving in.

"Mine!" he growled and shifted my whole body so that he was pushing at a new angle. All I could see were stars and all I could hear was the pounding of my own heart. Apparently before, he had only been grazing my magic button - there's got to be a name for that - and suddenly there was an explosion of sensation happening in my body with every thrust. Fuck! It hurt so good!

"Yours! God, Angel, you own me, yours, yours." He kept pounding me hard as I unloaded against the bricks, clenching every muscle in my body. He roared and pinned my chest against the wall, as he started slamming in with no regard for my comfort. Somehow I knew that I was going to remember this as good, even though I wasn't going be able to walk straight afterwards.

His arms were tight around my belly as he came in my ass. At the same time, he was biting the back of my neck where it joined the shoulder. No doubt there was blood, but it wasn't like he went for the major arteries that were so nearby.

We just stood there quietly, sharing the night as the reality of the neighborhood sounds filtered back in. Angel licked the wounds he had inflicted on my neck. "Xander, I've wanted to do this to you for years. Always knew you'd be a damn good fuck."

"Not that I've had any experience in the arena of manly love, but that was amazing enough for me to want to do it again...in a couple of weeks when I get my strength back. Hey, don't wiggle like that 'cause I might have to start liking you if it keeps up...er...even when it's down."

My mouth had apparently won the argument with my brain. The rest of my body was cheering in victory as well. Not that I wanted to be around Angel long term, but he had certainly opened my eyes about some old anxieties, like Larry and leaving Anya at the altar. Of course, I wanted the short term to last a little longer; I'm a cuddler by nature. Angel had other ideas though, because he was tucked in and zipped up before I could even push off the wall.

I was about to protest when he smacked me hard, in a good way, on the ass. "Come on, Xander. We've got to find Dawn."

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